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Value Chain Activity: Solar Manufacturing Equipment

This activity covers the manufacturing of turnkey production line solutions for the thin-film and silicon module production as well as other manufacturing components such as wafer saws or analysis tools.

The top turnkey solution providers are Oerlikon Solar, Applied Materials and Ulvac Solar. There are number of new entrants to the market including Roth & Rau, Centrotherm, Spire Solar, Anwell Technologies and Leybold Optics. As a result of overcapacity, orders in the first quarter of 2011 were only driven by new entrants, mostly thin-film. Capacity orders from established companies have largely been put on hold. Nevertheless, this segment enjoys healthy profitability.
Name Country Comments Gross margin TTM
Turnkey production line solution providers
USA Manufacturing solutions for glass, thin-film and crystalline Si 33.43%
Switzerland Modular turnkey soltuions for thin-film production (TCO, vapor deposition, back contact deposition, laser patterning, glass cleaning and packaging. Oerlikon's New ThinFab reduces manufacturing cost of thin-flim silicon-based modules. Oerlikon is used by companies like Bosch Solar, Schott Solar and Astronergy. 23.56%
Germany FAB end-to-end solutions for thin-fim and crystalline modules.
Japan Full-scale turnkey thin-film and crystalline module production line
Other Companies
Germany Manufacturer of automation systems
Canada About 25% of revenue from photovoltaic products, but segment is growing.
Germany Manufacturer of technical printing screens for metalization of solar cells
Germany Equipment for production of crystalline and thin-film modules 32.04%
Germany Grinding machines for silicon
USA Manufacturing equipment for poly-Si, silane and wafers 39.68%
Germany Company is building a turnkey solution for silicon thin-film production
Japan Focus on semiconductor industry. Clients include Suntec, Isofoton, E-Ton, Sunpower, Sanyo
Germany Systems: Wafer inspection, stack to carrier, screen printing, laser edge isolation, thin-film scribing, conveyor techniques. Plan co-operation with Roth & Rau 46.19%
Norway Treatment and recovery of spent Silicon slurry
Switzerland Manufacturing equipment for wafer cutting, automation & monitoring 39.46%
Germany Nanofocus produce analysis systems for crystalline and thinfilm applications
Germany Supplier of plant equipment for growing si crystals 24.11%
Germany Roth & Rau produce anti-reflective coating equipment & turnkey solutions for pv manufacturing. In a joint venture with Meyer Burger Technologies (business combination agreement) since April 2011. 31.12%
South Korea Ingots, wafers, but also CVD reactor and slim-rod
USA Spire Solar produces turnkey lines for modules, cells and thin-film. With Spire Semiconductor subsidiary developes high efficiency cells with GaAs 27%
China Anwell builds turnkey solutions for a-Si and micro-si tandem films.


Downloads: Download comprehensive list of ingot & wafer producers including financial ratios, revenues and other information.


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