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Software Product TypesA number of software companies offer solutions specifically tailored to the solar market. There are three main categories:

Planning, Simulation and Design

Mainly for planning purposes, simulation software applications can assist both upstream and downstream players as well as end-customers.

Manufacturing Support

Enterprise tools like SAP offer PV-manufacturing components to help manufacturers optimize their business processes.

Monitoring and System Control

Software that helps measure and monitor the solar generating system, the output of which can be used to optimize the facility.


Name Country Comments
Planning, Simulation & Design
USA Engineering simulation with segment focusing on renewable energy
Germany Software solutions for planning, design, dynamic simulation and profitability calculations concerning solar plants
Germany simulation software for a number of renewable technologies, developed by the university in Berlin. Technologies include solar pv, solar thermal, concentrated solar, fuel cells, wind parks. There is a free version available.
Germany Develop software for the planning and simulation of rooftop pv
Switzerland Software package for pv systems - rooftop as well as free-standing.
Monitoring & System Control
Germany Portal that allows individual systems to be operated in a virtual network, reducing totoal costs for distribution
USA An active management and monitoring system that can control each module indvidually with a help of a special hardware device. Most other monitoring systems can only measure at string-level.
Germany Wireless monitoring system
Israel Planning and monitoring tool that integrates physical security, climate data and system performance.
Germany This is another module-level monitoring system that places a chip on every module.
Germany Logging devices for different performance categories. Also allows operation management.


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