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Naturally, consulting in solar energy or photovoltaics is performed by many companies, not just dedicated consulting firms. There are two major dimensions that help group consulting firms: The size of the customer (ranging from residential customers to governments) and the complexity of assignments considered (ranging from advice on a single technology to all-inclusive consulting services).

Consulting Strategic Map

Residential Customers

Individual houseowners are seved by traditional installers or builders who also advice on sizing and suitability of PV rooftop installations. In addition, many distributors also provide consulting services, often also directed at corporations. Services are very much product-orentated and due to the small value of individual projects highly commoditised. With wider product ranges, some distributors will also offer a wider range of services.

Corporations and Governments

Big project customers include corporations, local councils (for school buildings for instance) and governments. These organisations have sufficient resources to pay for consulting services. With larger size complexity, this market is largely served by dedicated consulting firms with different degrees of speicalisation. Increasingly, the market is also served by strategy consulting firms with dedicated energy practices.
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